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Recently I had hit my 3 year anniversary of living in my condo in Southeast Calgary.

I thought about how I still love living here and it made me reflect about the incredible job Angelique Garcia did to help me find my humble abode. Technology has forced our society to demand quick and immediate service. But that's caused us to lose that 'personal' touch when it comes to sales and service. This definitely was NOT the case during my experience with Angelique. It was clear from the very first time I met her that this was all about ME and she made sure she knew EXACTLY what I was looking for. She paid attention to all the details and was determined to make sure I got what I wanted. I never once felt I was rushed or pushed to finally make up my mind after we saw a number of condos. Rather, the more we kept looking, the harder she worked to narrow down my choices and finally find the condo that was PERFECT for me. The condo I ended up buying was 'staged' by a professional designer and decorated perfectly. It was so perfect that I also ended up not only buying the condo but EVERYTHING ( furniture, paintings etc) in it. I don't regret anything at all except that I hadn't written this review about Angelique Garcia earlier. Thank YOU Angelique for not losing that 'personal' touch and I want you to know that after 3 years I still love coming 'home'..

Roger Marcelo, Calgary

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